The Medium in Manolos


Lauren Robertson

Who Knew Death Could Be This Life-Affirming?

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Lauren Robertson is a medium with a difference.

Since training as a psychic medium at the age of 14, Lauren has helped tens of thousands of people to connect with their loved ones in Spirit, and is known for her highly accurate readings and her ability to provide super-specific details from those who have crossed over.

But it’s Lauren’s fresh, unique approach to mediumship that makes her stand out from the crowd. The Medium in Manolos tells the story of how this young woman overcame her own fears, self-doubt and self-consciousness to go from grieving granddaughter to con dent and empowered medium and coach.Discover:

•How to handle your grief when a loved one dies
•The three elements required to become a great Spirit communicator
•Effective tools to clear your mind and elevate your consciousness so you can create a deep connection with Spirit
•How to tell when a message you receive is genuine
•What to do when you doubt yourself and your abilities

Written with compassion, humour and warmth, this heart-warming book is both for people who have lost someone and are in the process of grieving and healing, and for those who wish to develop their own connection with Spirit and bring through messages for themselves and others.

Lauren Robertson is a Spirit communicator, transformational coach and speaker. As a psychic medium she helps people explore their spirituality and overcome difficult emotions to live freer and happier lives. Lauren studied at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She is a Divine Living trained coach and has spoken on platforms all over the world.


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