The Male Awakening: A Global Perspective


Rob Fournier

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The Male Awakening: A Global Perspective follows Rob Fournier’s epic journey as he traveled around the globe seeking a deeper sense of self—awareness. Trusting his intuition while visiting sacred sites, Rob’s inner guidance led him to men from different cultures who were also experiencing a similar shift in self—awareness.

Fourteen of the men Rob encountered on his global quest offered to share their own personal awakening process from their perspective and in their own words. Chronicling a shift in the paradigm of maleness, these stories acknowledge that for men to share their feelings and emotions in a supportive and healthy way is actually a strength not a weakness.

It is Rob’s belief that connecting to this newfound strength empowers men to create the freedom to follow their own vision and passion and states, “As each man shifts it allows for others to awaken to new possibilities.”

Rob Fournier is a holistic practitioner, adventurer, and author. He has a deep passion for life, healing, and exploring. His self-discovery quest has led him to deeply explore within the depths of his being using a myriad of modalities, including traveling to sacred power points around the globe. Rob’s life/death experience at birth provides him with the ability to see beyond his human potential and to assist others to feel their own unique relationship of divine truth. He utilizes the ancient fundamental knowledge and tools of sound, frequency, and vibration to facilitate his own inner light and that of others. Through this adventure of life, he strives to create a global community of joy. Rob is guided by and follows a message he received in meditation, “Shine bright and unite. Create a community of lights.”


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