The Feng Shui Bible


Simon G. Brown

The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Life, Home, Health, and Finances

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The idea behind feng shui is simple: to improve any aspect of your life, create the right atmosphere to support it. All the strands of this ancient practice come together in this intelligently organized, visual reference that emphasizes feng shui’s practical benefits. Real life applications and examples enhance lucid explanations of the fundamental concepts: chi energy, yin and yang, the five elements, and eight trigrams. All the essential tools are laid out, too–everyday objects like mirrors, plants, and fountains that keep the energy flowing smoothly. A comprehensive directory shows how these principles can enhance relationships, finances, creativity, career, health, and spiritual connections.

Simon Brown, a former director of London’s Community Health Foundation, taught some of the first major feng shui courses in the UK. His clients include celebrities such as Boy George and major companies including The Body Shop and British Airways. He is the author of the bestselling¬†Practical Feng Shui, as well as¬†Feng Shui in a Weekend.