Roll On – Be Wealthy 10 ml


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Be Wealthy 10ml

Use this essential oil blend when you have money worries or are wondering how abundance and prosperity can be yours. As you roll on “Be Wealthy” envision that you have all the skills necessary to invite wealth into our life.

The sleek size is just right to slip into your purse. Apply throughout the day to evoke memories, feelings and delight in the aroma that will remind you of your intention.

The “Be” blends have been carefully formulated to bring you the very best. Remember positive thought is the basis of being successful. They are a powerful reminder that with focus and intention you can “Be” whatever you want to “Be”. They are more than just a fragrance – they are a tool to assist you in transforming your life!

Be Wealthy” Roll On Essential Oil Blend

What does wealthy feel like to you? Is it opulent surroundings dripping with gold, travel, philanthropy, or just the space to plan your day any way you choose? Call to mind your most prosperous picture as you roll on this spicy, warm scent. Imagine in detail your surroundings, how you feel and who is around. Allow yourself some time in this affluent world. Let this comforting scent be associated with the lifestyle you would enjoy given all the wealth you desire. Spend time each day here and take action to change your reality. 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Proprietary Blend of Medical Grade Essential Oils

Aromactic Blend Notes: clove-like, citrusy, comforting, dry, earthy, fresh, peppery, spicy, warm

For best results apply to the inside of the wrist or behind the knees

Made with Love by Margaret Ann Lembo