Kids Yoga Adventure Deck


Jennifer Carter Avgerinos

Rachel McLean

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This vibrant color-coded deck takes kids through three imaginary adventures at the beach, in the zoo, and through India, with 14 cards per adventure. Along the way, kids learn how to do 42 fun yoga poses. As they twist, stretch, crawl and bend, kids improve their flexibility, balance and focus. Each card presents a lively scene with easy instructions for the yoga pose on the back of the card. The Kids Yoga Adventure deck includes instructions and suggestions for using the yoga cards one-on-one, with a few children, or in a group or class. Children as young as 3-8 years old will enjoy learning and demonstrating the playful yoga poses, which encourages physical activity and imagination.

Jennifer Carter Avgerinos is an author and yoga teacher certified in Hatha, Prenatal/Postnatal, Kids and Family yoga.

Rachel Maclean is a Glasgow, Scotland based multi-media artist. Over the last 10 years Rachel Maclean has shown widely in the UK and internationally, in galleries, museums, film festivals and on television.