Elle Qui Oracle


Arwen Lynch

Mélanie Delon

44 Cards and 80 Page Guidebook



Elle Qui (“She Who”) Oracle features 44 magnificent female warriors and women of great compassion and wisdom. After experiencing everything from fear to freedom and hardship to hope, they now share all their powerful life lessons with you. Each card presents someone who will challenge and inspire you in unique ways. Elle Qui Oracle will help you discover layers of forgotten selves and new insights. Includes 44 cards and 80-page guidebook.

Written by Arwen Lynch.  From her website:  “Arwen began reading the Tarot in 1980 when a friend handed her the Thoth deck. She didn’t really like the Thoth deck then (her opinion has changed since) so moved on to the Herbal Tarot which she still has in her collection of over 150 Tarot and Oracle decks.  Her fascination with this introspective divination system grew (right along with her bookstore bill.) She began to read for friends in 1980. What she learned surprised her and her friends as she began to open up on intuitively. Her friends began referring their friends to her and Arwen finally began to read for people she didn’t know.  She became the president of the American Tarot Association from 2007 – 2014.”

Illustrated by Mélanie Delon.  Mélanie is a freelance illustrator who specializes in fantasy. She is a digital painting instructor at CGMA.

Cards, 3” x 5”;  Box, 3.375” x 5.375”


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