Buddha Wisdom, Shakti Power Deck and Guidebook


Laura Santi

50 Cards and 92 Page Guidebook


This elegant set presents sacred figures from the Buddhist and Hindu pantheon of deities to help us with our earthly challenges. The colorful cards were created from Santi’s thangka paintings, done in the ancient Asian style. With their powerful messages, the 50 cards may be used for prayer and meditation work, as well as learning about Buddhist beliefs and practices. Set includes 50 cards and 92-page illustrated guidebook.   Cards measure 3.5” x 5.25”.

Created by Laura Santi.  Her process, as described on her website:  “I enjoy painting Tibetan Buddhist Thangkas and Hindu deities, using gouache, mineral paints and gold on cotton canvases prepared in the traditional way using animal hide and chalk.  I follow the traditions of these styles of painting, but contemporize them so that they have a vibrancy and potency that hopefully touches Buddhists and others new to this sort of art.

I paint in the different formal styes of thangka painting that emerged from different monastic traditions and centuries and continue to evolve my own style as well, synthesized from all of the traditional styles of antiquity. I  feel honored to be one of the contemporary voices of an art form that serves the Buddhist community as it continues to evolve in our present times.”