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Beth Seilonen

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There’s no cat like the precocious, sociable, and clever Siamese when it comes to learning just what you need to know to put your life on the right track – or take it off the wrong one! Bleu Cat Tarot captures antics, expressive body language, and just downright style of this cat favorite. Beth Seilonen’s 78 modern Tarot cards, painted in black and white with a touch of blue for style, will guide you through lifestyle perspectives with a light heart and new approaches to getting things done. Using the gentle, knowing humor of a Siamese’s daily life, the accompanying fun and easy guidebook offers cat-wise reflections that will tickle your inner funny bone. Never had a Siamese as your guide to life before? Don’t you think it’s time you did?

Beginning in 2007 with her first Majors-only Tarot deck entitled The Theban Tarot, Beth Seilonen opened the doors to exploring what she has described as “the most versatile genre of art.” Ever a continual study of how, just by merely changing a point of view, how one interprets and responds to a situation presented within the cards is altered. This provides a continual pragmatic approach as Beth asks the proverbial question posed by her oldest daughter: “What if?”So, what if a Siamese cat created a Tarot deck? Here is one possible solution only Beth could create!  She continues to explore the Tarot, oracle, and Lenormand decks, always asking “What if?”Beth, with a BA of Fine Arts, University of Maine, Ovono, ’98, has over 70 decks with more on the way. This deck is based upon a lifetime of observations of her Siamese cat, Isis.

Size: 3 1/4″ x 5 1/8″ | 78 art cards