Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom: Spiritual Connections of Crystal Vibrations and Animal Medicine


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By Margaret Ann Lembo.

Shares the wisdom of animals and their matching gemstones to help work on yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually

• Reveals the energetic connections between 88 different animal allies and 88 gems, stones, and crystals from the mineral kingdom

• Includes animal medicine teachings from a variety of creatures, from hummingbirds and cats to dolphins and bears, to help you find inner peace, knowledge, and wisdom

• Explains how the color, formation, and the manner in which a stone grows in the Earth offers a teaching to know yourself and your life purpose


With humor, style, and grace, Margaret Ann Lembo has done it again.  She has filled the pages with a blend of Margaret Ann’s own personal wisdom as well as clearly divine guidance.  Her well-crafted messages for each animal brings peace.  Then she adds something we can use in the physical form as in the corresponding gemstone or calling upon the attending archangel and now you have tools for peace, healing, and structured contemplation.  This book is a treasure trove of insight and self-care gifts.

Joan Ranquet, author of Communication with All Life (Hay House)and Energy Healing for Animals (Sounds True)


All creatures are interconnected. When an animal, insect, bird, or other creature from nature appears repetitively pay attention. Find the message that nature is bringing you. Learn through observing a particular animal totem and their habits and patterns. For example, parrot medicine can teach us to see life from another perspective as we mimic the wise ones who have walked on the path before us. Mouse medicine teaches us to scrutinize all the details before taking action.

Gemstones and crystals

The associated gemstone for each animal totem is a further indication of the energy of the animal as symbolism and a teaching on your sacred journey. Crystals, minerals, and stones hold the history of the Earth. Crystals can help to evolve your soul and spirit. The color and the way stones grow in the Earth can help you learn more about yourself. Through inner reflection, you will understand the messages and clues.

Symbolism as a guide

Margaret Ann Lembo shows how there is symbolism in all around offering clues to light your path. Exploring 88 gems, stones, and crystals and 88 different animal allies, she details the spiritual connections of crystal vibrations and animal medicine, providing you with a deeper understanding of the interconnected energies of everything around us. She shows how the spiritual fulfillment you seek is available to you in so many ways and this path of working with gemstones and animal medicine is just one of many.

Work with Margaret Ann’s deck, Animal Allies and Gemstone Guardians Cards, to improve your connection with animal medicine.


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