Angel Wisdom Tarot Cards


New angel tarot deck from internationally best-selling author Radleigh Valentine contains features never before seen in other tarot decks, giving even deeper mystical meaning to each reading in an easy-to-understand way.


Lavishly illustrated and rich with symbolism, this tarot deck draws upon the wisdom and power of the archangels to help you speak with the Divine. You’ll find uplifting interpretations of traditional tarot messages and imagery, including diverse, contemporary depictions of classic characters. Internationally acclaimed angel tarotist Radleigh Valentine includes unique features on each card to make them easy to use, while also drawing upon the long history of tarot to add depth to each reading. This deck offers a positive yet powerful way to find the guidance and answers from Heaven you seek!

Written by Radleigh Valentine.  Radleigh’s love affair with the magical symbolism of Tarot began 30 years ago when he discovered a natural affinity for the centuries-old system of divination—and the joy he experienced helping others find the guidance they were seeking and seeing the beauty in themselves and the world around them.  Since 2012, he’s been inspiring audiences in countries, bringing the angelic messages of pure love and unconditional support as a popular and respected spiritual teacher.

Minnesota artist Daniel Craig is an accomplished illustrator whose work has appeared on numerous advertisements and book covers.  Daniel’s illustration style is characterized by a sense of wholeness. Impeccably rendered in a precisely controlled palette with a soft natural lighting and a polished surface reminiscent of the old Flemish Masters whom he admires.


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