8 Keys to Wholeness


Tools for Hope-Filled Healing

Donna DeNomme

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Recognized as the COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources) Book of the Year 2015 in Health & Healing. 8 Keys to Wholeness uncovers remarkable tools for true and lasting healing. A licensed Spiritual Coach shares an ancient and powerful path found by utilizing the human chakra system as a container for our personal stories. Donna DeNomme reminds us that the ultimate truth is not found in our wounding but rather in the discovery of the ways in which we can heal those wounds.

Donna provides us with a glimpse of her own sexual abuse within the Catholic Church, a brutal betrayal she kept publically hidden for over 50 years. She also weaves practical and profound healing insights gleaned from over 25 years as a spiritual teacher and shamanic facilitator. Whether or not you have been abused, accessing and utilizing the 8 Keys is a dynamic method for drawing forth your inner resilience and enduring strength.

An award-winning, internationally published author, Donna DeNomme is a visionary who sees meaning in even the worst of our wounding, accepting its value for our greater collective healing and human evolution.

Discover the 8 keys to unlock the empowering connection to your Essential Self.

  • Access the wisdom and insight found right inside of you.
  • Observe life s Great Mystery, as brutally broken fragments weave into hope-filled wholeness.
  • Celebrate your inherent resiliency it s part of what makes you human.
  • Discover your vast potential through the energy of a triad of synergistic chakras in Key #8.
  • Experience greater self-assurance and a deeper sense of satisfaction and joy.
  • Live from Wholeness and love your life!

The most powerful forces for healing are found right inside of you!

Donna DeNomme is an author, speaker, conscious energy teacher, licensed spiritual coach, and ceremonial leader. She has a Bachelor s degree in Human Development and Families Studies from Cornell University, a Master s Degree in Engaged Humanities with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, an advanced certification in Spiritual Coaching, and many years of training in alternative therapies and indigenous healing studies.